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I received my daily Twitter email update and a tweet caught my eye, “Do you want to win one of these? Look how easy it is… use #campingworld to tell me why you should win…”. The tweet was by Marcus Lemonis who is CEO and chairman of Camping World, Good Sam Enterprises and star of The Profit, one of my favorite shows. WOW!!! I’d love to win a Mercedes camper van and use it for Crippled Wisdom and travel North America sharing the Crippled Wisdom Empathy Tattoo Program starting with all 130 Camping World location for free of course. 

Below are more thoughts running through my mind. 

  • Going to every Camping World location will be a great tour that will cover the entire county. 
  • Get the RV wrapped with Crippled Wisdom and Camping World as a thank you
  • Find other sponsors that want to assist the Crippled Wisdom programs. 
  • It would really jump start the Crippled Wisdom Empathy Tattoo Program 
  • If the opportunity to do the tattoo program at all the Camping World locations it would direct my course through North America. 
    • Setup tattoo programs with communities, businesses and schools at each Camping World location. 
    • Invest time in each community 
  • Start the Crippled Wisdom YouTube Travel Vlog.
    • A disabled traveler sharing the experience
    • Growing the Crippled Wisdom Program and living in a RV
    • Gaining and sharing wisdom with people along the journey.
    • Understanding the highs and lows of living and traveling in a RV
      • Adaptations, sharing tips and trick
      • Experiencing the beauty of nature and different cultures 
  • Next step: Programs continue to grow then start investing in other disabled individuals. 
    • Helping disabled individuals find their find a path to independence 
    • The path to independence is different than the path of a “normal” individual.

These are my thoughts. Not eloquently written but if you’ve sat and talked with me you would leave knowing my vision and am determined to do good! 

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