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I was a homeowner from 2000 to 2012 and love it. It was an awesome house. The house two thousand five hundred square feet with two indoor and one outdoor fire places. I loved owning and maintaining it. It was a lot of work but I was young and energetic back then. My mother moved in with me in 2004ish. I don’t remember exactly. Time flies and so many things have happened. In November of 2008 I was in an accident caused by a drunk driver. I didn’t walk for a year and I haven’t walked as good as before the accident. In 2011 my whole world changed when my mother past away unexpectedly. I had already started reevaluating after the accident but after mom past I really was thinking about a direction for life moving forward. Living alone again was a small adjustment. Owning a 2500sq.ft. home was my elephant in the room. I don’t recall when the idea of downsizing and living in a RV full-time started but it was around then. I remember looking into 45ft Class A RV. That’s basically the size of a Grey Hound Bus. At the time it felt like doable size. Over the years and van life growing into a niche and my ideas began to downsize. Over the years I’ve been preparing mentally and physically. Given enough time I’m amazing how I’ve mentally switched to being okay with calling as little as 40sq.ft. my home. 

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