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Crippled Wisdom Wednesdays

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Uncripple Your Mind



What is Crippled Wisdom?

Everyone has something that cripples our perspective, where and why we judge others, and how we solve problems. We are crippled by how we look, by how we compare ourselves to others, by what we assume others believe, and by how we react to things we don’t understand. Recognizing what cripples us gives us the wisdom to succeed by seeing possibilities for everyone, including ourselves. We build support and community when we recognize, value, and share the unique wisdom within each of us.

Crippled Wisdom recognizes that strength is born of struggle and acceptance. We grow from each other when we accept our crippling conditions and perspectives. When we truly see reality through someone else lens we begin the process of uncrippling our mind.

As of January 2022 I will be constantly adding information. The information might be a work in progress. Not knowing what direction physical health is going I’m wanted to add as much info to my website as I can. Having said this you may across incomplete thoughts and unfinished section. If there information you’re interested in please email me and I’ll be happy to personally contact you and share any remain information I have.

Thank you for your interest! Make A Great Day!🤗🥳🥰!


January 2024

Crippled Wisdom on YouTube

WOW!!! I had so many ideas and plans for the Crippled Wisdom Youtube Channel and I won’t forget about any of them. At this time, January 2022, I’m going focus on a video journal. I want to share my thoughts and memories before this next chapter of life. I don’t know how Cervical Spinal Stenosis is going to change my life but I know it will be different. I would to say I look to a new chapter of life as I usually do but this next chapter I’m very unsure of. Last thought, the videos aren’t being made to entertain. I want share the amazing 55 years of living and all of the incredible experiences I’ve had and maybe I’ll have some Crippled Wisdom I can share.

Onward to the videos!

Crippled Wisdom Merch

Crippled Wisdom Merch is created to be thought provoking as well as entertaining. “Uncripple Your Mind!!!” is the slogan of Crippled Wisdom and our merch reflects that. By wearing and/or displaying Crippled Wisdom Merch you are helping more individuals take pause and think about how they influence the people they come across. Let’s uncripple more minds beside our own.  

“I May Speak With Accent But I Don’t Think With An Accent” is a phrase my mother said when I was young and I never forgot it. When the asian hate issue developed in 2020-2021 I recalled my mom’s phrase and realized how relevant it is with the current events. It’s really goes beyond asian hate though. Everyone has an accent, a person just needs to travel far enough away from their local area to be heard with an accent. When we hear an accent we tend to judge a person based on their accent and is unfair and I will as far and say disrespectful. My accent is my speech impediment because of my Cerebral Palsy. Many individuals assume that I’m less intelligent because of my accent/speech impediment. I never get offended. I think there are no positive outcomes to becoming offended. The more people I come into contact with is more opportunities to open minds. I can only reach so many people in person especially during a pandemic and that why I’m developing Crippled Wisdom Merch. My goal which I hope can be our goal is to open minds not necessarily change minds with Crippled Wisdom Merch.

A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Siobhan and Stella for being the artistic hands of Crippled Wisdom. Siobhan did an amazing job with the “I May Speak With Accent But I Don’t Think With An Accent” project. Stella, who is only 15 did an awesome job with the “Campaigning For Enlightened Humans” project. I look forward to more project with both of these amazing artists.

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Cervical Spinal Stenosis and Cerebral Palsy

In July of 2021 I was diagnosed with Cervical Spinal Stenosis. I have never heard of Cervical Spinal Stenosis. I’m creating this section as resource for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and the possible effects of Cervical Spinal Stenosis. I had no idea my physical decline was associated with Cervical Spinal Stenosis. I just thought this is what happens with aging and Cerebral Palsy. This year my physical decline is accelerating, more on that later. Today is January 13, 2022 and with the new year I’ve switched healthcare providers in order to start my search for a surgeon that can relieve the pressure on my spinal cord and hopefully regain some physical mobility. The last three to four months has been a soul searching experience which I’ll be sharing along with the info and resource I find on Cervical Spinal Stenosis associated to Cerebral Palsy.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis page